Super Therm

SUPER THERM ® - unicompenent covering on a water basis which can be applied over metals, wood, polyurethane foam, concrete, stone or brick layings, for reduction of power losses in winter and summertime.


SUPER THERM ® reffects 95% of the thermal radiation (visible light, ultraviolet rays and infrared beams).

SUPER THERM ® is considered the only ceramic covering as the isolating material, in comparison with other coverings containing ceramic hollow spheres which reflect warmly visible light only being pure.

Due to a unique combination of acrylic fibers and urethanes. SUPER THERM ® is considered stronger, durable, not turning yellow waterproof covering.

It is applied as single – layer insulating system:

  • As a covering of external and internal surfaces  (a roof and walls) for reduction of electric power losses in winter and summer time of year.
  • As c covering of the cooled containers, mobile houses of vans, bodies, railway cars for protection of goods and economy of energy consumption.
  • As a covering of systems of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), oil pipelines, tanks, systems of storage and parts of courts for prevention of condensation and corrosion.
  • As a covering of silage granaries, for prevention of emergence of  mold and fungi, and also for increase in a period of storage.
  • As a covering over RUST Grip®   on a metal roof.  


• Color: white
• Content of firm substances: 63.6 % on weight, 68% on volume
• On a water basis: doesn’t contain auxiliary solvents, dries with evaporation of volatile organic compounds (VOC); 21 g/l
• Density: 1.424 kg/l (11.88 pound/gallon)
• PH: 8.5-9
• Viscosity: 105-110 KU
• Elasticity: 125%
• Sound-proof characteristics: acousitic permeability level (APL) 48-51
• Doesn’t contain lead and chrome