Seamless waterproofing

Waterproofing  products from the company “SIB-PPU” – these are great  technologies, time-tested  and characterized by professional approach.

With the emergence  of Polyurea Coatings the  understanding of how strong, durable, chemically, resistant coating can be, turned not only the technical feasibility but also economic efficiency in construction, industrial, automobile  and other  fields


It is known,  that the roof waterproofing is an important component of roofing works on which  quality  the durability of the entire roof as protection of the architectural element is depend on. Today, in many construction projects to create protective layer polikarbomidnoe coating (Polyurea  coatings) is applied due high-technical and consumer characteristics. Rapid freezing and high adhesion of this unique elastomer provide excellent results in the filling of voids and microcracks , liquidating all possible ways of intake of moisture.

In most cases the waterproofing of a flat roof is carried out by means of rolled bituminous coverings, however, rather soft structure of roofing material leads to fast violation of a protective layer.

The roof waterproofing on the basis of polyurea allows to create a flexible uniform membrane which will reliably protect seams and all roof from any climatic rainfall . The spraying possesses high wear resistance and meat its purpose for several years repair.

Polyurea equally is suitable for all roofing coverings. For example, the waterproofing of a pitched roof by spraying of a dusting of polyurea allows to achieve uniform distribution of a protective layer on an slopping  surface that in turn provides maximum efficiency.


• Wear resistance and tensile strength;
• Flexibility (lengthening 400-700 %);
• Minimum time of hardening;
• The highest degree of fitting to various materials;
• High environmental;
• The minimum coefficient of water absorption (from -50˚ C to + 150˚ C);
• ide operating temperature range use as decorative material