Rust Grip

RUST GRIP ® - is  antikorrozionno strengthening unicomponent polymeric covering with an aluminum filler which is developed as means to encapsulate  rust, toxic paints and other toxic materials, including asbestos. Dries in combination with atmosphreric humidity. After drawing,   RUST GRIP ® gives surfaces fine protection against sticking something, wear and crash – worthiness, and also increases rigidity of design. The covering is steady against the majority of chemical solvents and UF-radiation.


RUST GRIP ® possesses magnificent adhesion to concrete, wood  and many other surfaces, including the porous. Covering  RUST GRIP ®  pulls moisture from the air, is sated with gases and swells into pores. This process leads to strong coupling of a covering with a surface and prevents negative impacts of air, moisture and minerals on a surface which can cause further corrosion. RUST GRIP  ® is possible to use instead of zink-filled priming. There is no need for carrying out expensive jet cleanings of a surface to pure “metal”. RUST GRIP ®  is possible to spread over  rust or paints, and also to use as a primer or independently used covering.

It is recommended to use RUST GRIP ® in as primer  under SUPER THERM ®. Covering RUST GRIP® is “a covering three in one” which can be used as a primer, an intermediate and final covering.


  • As an incapsulator for paints with impurity of toxic materials,  rust and other biohazardous materials.
  • AS a sheeting for metal, concrete, wood, for increase of durability and protection from corrosion and destruction
  • As a covering bridges, drilling platforms, roofs, etc. with  minimum preparation  for prevention of emergence or encapsulation of corrosion. As the water proofing covering for protection from leaking of water,  contamination and emergence of fungi and  mold.
  • As the non-sliding covering used together with the designs established in places with the high traffic  where the durability is a key factor.

Technical characteristics:

  • There is no need for carrying out expensive sandblasting.
  • Unicomponent material is easily applied with a brush, a roller or  spray
  • RUST GRIP ® prevents emergence of  rust, and completely encapsulates the existing rust.
  • Doesn’t contain dangerous components, toxic substances and zinc.
  • RUST GRIP ® is extremely steady against mechanical influences, UF – radiation and other negative impacts of environment  
  • Service life under normal conditions is more than 10 years