Penopoliuretan   in   the construction industry uses as a reliable, high-quality insulation and   the physical and technical properties ahead of most used thermal insulation materials.


What is polyurethane foam?

Polyurethane foams   - it is light, but   strong enough foams   polyurethanes have very low thermal conductivity (0,019   - 0,033 W / (m · K)), low water vapor permeability, high adhesion to virtually   around   - to   paper, metal, wood, plaster, roofing material and   much more.

Penopoliuretan is non-combustible material, it is a safer material than wood. As a rule,   components for producing polyurethane flame retardants are included which make its fireproof and closed pores allow him not   burn through on   full depth of .

Systems sprayed isocyanurates have a number of advantages:
• Reduced flammability according to   compared to   other insulation systems;
• Simultaneous waterproofing material is not   afraid of water, ie. e. not   requires additional layers of vapor barrier;
• Heat and   frost in   the temperature range from   -100 ° C   to   + 140 ° C;
• Lightweight and   no load on the   building construction;
• High adhesion to   different types of surfaces;
• monolithic seamless surface of the insulating layer;
• Maintainability;
• Ability to use for both new and   for the repair of old buildings;
• Chemical resistance to   weakly acidic precipitation, to   hydrocarbons industry.

Penopoliuretan (PUF) in the   is now increasingly used for isolation   insulation of various structural elements , whether it   the roof building or hangar, the foundation of a building or industrial capacity. With good adhesion, PPU allows the isolation of any complexity and   shape , forming a seamless thermal insulating coating desired thickness.   apart From affordable prices polyurethane foam distinguishes seamlessly speed application on   the protected surface and   high   - 25 years   - service life.

quality execution of waterproofing and   warming will extend the life of your home or production on   several decades !

There is no doubt that   foam insulation and   foam roof insulation, as in   a modern building material, great future.


• The lowest coefficient of thermal conductivity (0,019-0,033 W / (m · K))
• High adhesion to all types of surfaces
• Monolithic seamless surface
• Low flammability (non-flammable class II)
• High deposition rate PUF
• minimum water absorption
• Drawing on surfaces of any shape (including Vertical. Surfaces and ceiling)
• Exclusion of cold bridges, which provides good thermal insulation of the roof