Hot Surface Coating

HPC ® is mononuclear nontoxical covering on a water basis developed for isolation of surfaces with a temperature from – 30˚ C to + 180˚ C. In HPC ® special acrylic fibres with special ceramic components are used.  HPC ® can be applied  in some layers for achievement of necessary temperature of a surface.


It is generally used as isolation:

  • For hot pipes or tanks;
  • An instrument for insuring of safety of workers for prevention of risk of hurns
  • For conservation of energy due to reduction of heat loss
  • For prevention of condensation in case  of considerable differences of temperatures

Advantages in comparison with traditional mineral-cotton isolation:

  • Provides effective and long-term thermal insulation and acts as a barrier between  heat and cold
  • Instantly reduces surface temperature when drawing directly by hot surfaces
  • Reduces losses of heat that is expressed in conservation of energy
  • It is easy in use it can be applied by means of a spray over any surfaces, even on sleeves and valves, without the need for overlapping
  • It is applied directly on metal at properly prepared surfaces
  • Nohtoxical covering on a water basis
  • Doesn’t absorb moisture and doesn’t lose insulating properties
  • HPC ® prevents condensation
  • Saves expenses due to reduction of costs of maintenance
  • It is profitable in the long term
  • It is easily restored at damage


• Color: white
• On a water basis: doesn’t contain solvents, dries with evaporation