Waterproofing swimming pools

A certain type of polyurea coating solves such problems as waterproofing of pools or artificial reservoirs. The waterproofing is very important stage of work which has to be implanted  in full, other wise  the building  simply won’t perform its  function.


The pool or artificial reservoir represents the difficult hydraulic engineering construction. To save time and finance at first it is necessary to develop the concept of the pool (location, design, cup-shared, equipment, materials, etc.). The waterproofing of pools from  brick or concrete has to be carried out not earlier than three months from the date  of  construction since the  time is required for precipitation.

The waterproofing Polyurea covering is used both for external and for internal part of the pool. After polymerization of a waterproofing covering its test is carried out the pool is filled with water and kept for  one or two weeks in order  to  detect  leakes. Than  water is  merged. The resulting covering can be washed with usual detergents, rags and sponges. If the pool  waterproofing  is made correctly. it will serve  you without repair very long.


• Wear resistance and tensile strength
• Flexibility (lengthening 300-600%);
• Minimum time of hardening (60 seconds);
• The highest degree of to various materials;
• High environmental fitting;
• The minimum coefficient of water absorption (0,05-3,0%) in 24 hours;
• Wide range of working temperatures (from -50 ˚C to +150 ˚C);
• There is a big range of color scale