Thermovision inspection

Thermal  imagers  are more widely applied by armed forces of the developed states to detection  the heatcontrast purposes (alive force and technics at any time).

We use the thermal imager only in peace purposes. Thermovision inspection allows to reveal without special difficulties leakages of heat, defects of thermal insulation, and also the latent defects, such as malfunctions in system of heating (especially when pipes are laid in hidden way), places of condensation of moisture, a mold, course of a roof and  faulty electrical wiring. Due to  professional thermal imager “Flir B425” we will easily find an emergency place in your house


  • THERMOVISION INSPECTION is a method of remote diagnostics, differs in indisputable advantages in relation to other ways of diagnostics. Practice shows that by mistake of builders six from ten houses have enormous heatlosses.
  • Any latent defect will be reflected in the thermogram. The device isn’t capable to hide anything, it shows only  what is actually.
  • Full inspection of an individual house takes only 2 - 3 hours.
  • Reasonable price of service Check of the house by the thermal imager will relieve you of unnecessary costs.
  • The economy on heating  the house makes to 65-70% and it is not the only argumed in favor of thermovision inspection. Degree of comfort and convenience of your life increases. There is less  maintenance,  the condition of the bearing designs improves – that considerably increases durability of all building.
  • Upon termination of works the report, containing a full set of thermograms of object, their analysis (classification of defects), and also necessary recommendations is created.
  • Thermovision shooting is carried out as inside as outside. In zones with temperature anomalies, i.e. in places with defects of thermal insulation, more vast scale of shooting is applied.


• Range of temperature measurements from - 20˚ C to +350 ˚ C;
• Threshould of temperature sensitivity < 0,06 ˚ C
• System of targeting instruction – laser class 2
• Functions of display of 9 palettes
• Functions of display – to 2 mobile measuring points, function of search of the maximum and minimum temperature
• Display of distribution of superficial humidity (detection of a mold/fungus)
• With our help you receive the most objective information on your real estate