Spraying thermal insulation

Thermal insulation products from the company SIB-PPU it is the modern technologies checked by time, professional approach to heat and  energy savings.  
The main activity of our company is rendering services in warming by method of spraying of  spray  Polyurethane  foam (PPU)


Polyurethane foam is spray  foamed not combustible material which is sprayed on the surface of shapes forms and materials by a seamless method, without uniform bridge of cold. The seamless covering guarantees lack of holes and cracks, and plastic properties of spray polyurethane foam ensure the absence of cracks in the insulation.

The during operation spraying  of rigid heat-insulating polyure thane foam allows to create external and internal thermal insulation of the bases, isolation of wells, technical floors, isolation of roofs, penthouses, filling of emptiness, a covering of a surface of capacities and pipes, filling of concrete joints, sealing of tanks with drinking water, provides additional tightness, protection against water.


• The coefficient of heat conductivity of PPU fluctuates within 0.019 W/m*K;
• Minimum time of hardening (60 seconds);
• he highest degree of a fitting to various materials;
• High environmental friendliness;
• Wide range of working temperatures (from – 100 ˚C to + 130 ˚C);
• Don’t ignite; class II;
• The service of PPU isolation of 30-50 yrs;
• Density is from 26 to 200 kg/m3