Anticorrosive protection

Polyurea coatings is the main product for protection against rust and corrosion today. Applying polyurea coating over a metal surface is carried out very quickly and qualitatively, in only a few minutes the pipe or any other metal object can be easily dug into the ground.


Set of pipelines were around the world covered with use of this technology for acceleration of production and decrease in costs of service of pipilines to a minimum. Polyurea coatings can be applied over  a damp surface: cable wells, concrete storages, ferroconcrete designs, systems of pipeliness, pipes of sewage and sewerages from  leak, that is reached due to reduction of effect of influence of ground  waters and gives notable economic effect, thanks to decrease in the expenses connected with service and replacement of the damaged sites; the bottoms, wheel arches of cars , bodies of trucks and pickups that allows to prolong the term of operation of the car.

For fans of voyages and those to whom the sea, the river or the ocean  give continuous rest and work aren’t anything more expensively than an excellent condition of the ship. We with  our equipment, will easily protect  services of all parts of the vessel case from kiel to the deck for many years. The external covering of under water part of the vessel case will protect from corrosion, cockleshells and seaweed. The covering by a certain type of polyurea coatings will give an esthetics and reliability to your vessel. There is a big range of color scale.


• The high elasticity, resistance to determinations;
• Wear resistance and tensile strength;
• Flexibility (lengthering 200-400%);
• The easy application high physical properties
• High chemical resistance to hostile environment and a wide range of atmospheric influences;
• The received surface has no joints and possesses excellent stability to chemical influence;
• It is applied at low temperatures