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Penopoliuretan Penopoliuretan
Seamless waterproofing Seamless waterproofing
Spraying thermal insulation Spraying thermal insulation
Waterproofing swimming pools Waterproofing swimming pools
Anticorrosive protection Anticorrosive protection
Systems of coverings Systems of coverings
Thermovision inspection Thermovision inspection
SPI - Professional ultra-thin liquid coating
Super Therm Super Therm
Hot Pipe Coating Hot Pipe Coating
Hot Surface Coating Hot Surface Coating
Rust Grip Rust Grip

This web-site is devoted to the innovative technologies in the field of construction and repair criteria: durability and environmental friendliness.

WARNING! BE CAREFUL, BEWARE of not certified production which result has a direct bearing on your health and health of the population.

The company “SIB-PPU” is engaged in the device of seamless waterproofing coverings with application of ultramodern technology in the industry of construction: the anticorrosive strengthening unicomponent polymeric covering with an alyuminery filler, the spraying heat-insulating material with micro ceramic hollow spheres which 95% of thermal radiation (visible light reflect, ultraviolet rays and infrared beams).

Thanks to the saved-up experience in the sphere of water proofing and thermal insulation the company provides services qualitatively and in short terms, from 500 m2 for shift.

By means of the thermal imager we will easily find any leakage of heat in your house.